Exporting Natural Asphalt from Middle East

Gilsonite Known as Natural Asphalt, Natural Bitumen is a heavy hydrocarbon formed directly from crude oil reserves, it is produced when the volatile elements of crude oil are evaporated under immense pressure during many years and with specific physical and geographical conditions. Therefore Gilsonite is in solid shape with dark color and high carbon content and based on each mine geology Gilsonite could have different specifications.

Gilsonite applications are used in many industries such as, road construction, oil drilling, ink and paint, foundry, waterproofing, pipe coating, etc.

Asia Gilsonite Company has been exporting Natural Bitumen from Middle East for over a decade now and it is the companies honor to be well known in 21 countries such as Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Germany, UAE … for its high quality and standard servic

Natural Asphalt

In the Middle East, Natural Asphalt was known to the locals since many years ago and it was used mainly alongside coal for heating purposes during winter times. It was during the 1960s that some Bitumen manufacturers realized the unique characteristics of Gilsonite while using it for manufacturing membranes. When added to bitumen and applied to the membrane sheets the final product had more adhesiveness and resistance to temperature variations.

Gilsonite Applications

Gilsonite is used in several industries here are some well-known applications for Gilsonite

well-known applications for Gilsonite

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