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In 1990 to 1996, we were working in the field of exporting refinery bitumen and minerals, during a visit to the mines of western Iran in 1997, we came across a substance that was used for the miners and was completely unknown to the people of the bitumen industry. In 1998, after about a year of study, it became clear that fortunately, Iran is one of the few countries that have natural bitumen mines, which before Us, no one had a proper understanding of this substance in Iran.

We are the founder of this industry in Iran and our company is the first who could admit to the world that we can produce Gilsonite with a comparable quality.all my current colleagues joined this industry after us. 

We became interested in the market of India, China, Malaysia and after a few years we became the main pole of this material in the region, which was a great honor for me and my company to serve our country.

Our History

The company was founded in 1998

In 1999, we were able to export our first shipmen

In 2004, we were able to open our new factory

In 2011, we became a sample exporter of Tehran, with a record of exporting to all 5 continents of the world (exactly to 21 countries).

And until now, even though the market has become very competitive and tough, considering the quality of the product and the accuracy and delivery time, our customers appreciate the quality, and we are still at the top of the exporters market.

asiagilsonite packing

Gilsonite powder supplier

AsiaGilsonite is a leading Iranian supplier of Gilsonite, offering a wide range of products with varying ash percentages to suit a variety of applications. Our products are available in 0-5%, 5-10%, and 10-15% ash percentages, and can be provided in lumps, powder, or pellets based on your specific requirements. For those in need of granulated Gilsonite, we also offer a product with ash percentages ranging from 0-15% and a diameter of 30 to 40 meshes, which can be requested as well. Additionally, we provide Gilsonite powder with a diameter of 80 to 400 mesh and the same ash percentage as an alternative option. At Asia Gilsonite, we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern machinery, which enable us to offer automatic processing, sand separation, crushing, customized packaging, and efficient shipping of Gilsonite powder to customers worldwide. Advantages of using our Gilsonite products include improved emulsion and thermal stability in oil-based drilling fluids, high temperature stability, and the elimination of the need for surfactants or other additives. Our products also enhance the quality of filter cakes, reduce fluid loss in normal or HPHT environments, and minimize unwanted torque and drag during drilling operations. Choose Asia Gilsonite for reliable and high-quality Gilsonite products that meet your specific needs.

The quality of our production, raw material and packaging is Incomparable With up-to-date tools, including :

  • Automation packaging machine
  •  Granulation up to 300 mesh
  • Equipped laboratory
  • Separate bins and different types for production and storage of materials with different bags and packaging
  •  Production system with air suction for the first time in this industry
  •  Environmental pollution, according to automation and devices is zero; exactly zero in quality test.The air coming out of the exhaust fan of the factory is much cleaner than the natural air, according to the filters.
  •  Designing and using a dryer in this industry for the first time in the world, which is a very important advantage in cold seasons

In every industry, there are people whose work is different from others, and because they specialize in their work, they always buy the best raw materials with the best production quality, and they know that the result will be very different. In practice, our customers are among the best factories in the world.

our production costs are higher  due to the quality of production, services that others do not have, such as dryers, in fact, dryers ,packaging and granulation that each has something to say.

During the 23 years that have passed since the beginning of our work, we have not looked at our colleagues as competitors, because our customers have always received the best services from us and there is no need for them to look for new sellers.

Mission, values ​​and vision

At first, we might have thought of this work as a new business, but when the dimensions of the work became clear and we mastered it, and seeing the high potential of Iran and seeing the difficulty of mining, we decided to look at it beyond a business and our goals are more. Introducing Iran Gilsonite to worldwide market, and showing its applications, and of course creating a new and prosperous business environment for all the companies that entered this business after us, and setting up old abandoned mines and exploring new mines. Which creates jobs for many villagers and deprived areas of the country, and in general, to be able to grow the industry that we started ourselves, which is like a child to us, in the best possible way.

variety of uses of this product

Our customers are engaged in different trades.
Oil drilling, waterproofing, drilling, paint, rubber, shock absorber, asphalt production, polymer bitumen production, ink jet, casting, And many other disciplines that are a subset of these things.


We don't just sell the requested product to our customers, we look at the buyers as partners along with the sale, and we try to give the best service to the buyers .we offer which grade of our product with the right discussions.

Head of the market

It has become normal for us to always be at the first place, during the 23 years that have passed since the beginning of our work, we have not looked at our colleagues as competitors, because our customers have always received the best services from us.

AsiaGilsonite-Minera Natural Asphalt seller

Our biggest target market is drilling mud production companies, and companies that are engaged in the drilling industry, our second target market is rubber manufacturing companies and manufacturers of special tires (shock absorbers are for cars). And our fourth market is polymer bitumen production companies.
After these, our target markets are casting industries and paint industries.
Water proofing industries,
Pipe insulation (pipe coating),
Steel factories,
And even cosmetics industries for cosmetic colors such as vermilion.

When concerns are raised, customers can explore multiple avenues that may not only lead to lower costs, but also enable them to make more informed decisions regarding the timing and type of purchase, along with other relevant variables. It is widely acknowledged that each product carries its own worth, and if we encounter an offer, it is only natural to harbor doubts and advise our buyers not to be deceived by seemingly low prices.

We produce different types of mineral bitumen (natural asphalt) or Gilsonite, which are produced according to the type of consumption and final product at the customer’s request.


  • We were the first to identify this substance professionally and industrially in Iran
  • We were the first company that could prove to everyone that we have this type by interacting with other countries
  • The first company exporting this product from the whole Middle East
  • We have the largest production factory with the largest scope and the best facilities
  •  We installed the first automatic packaging machine
  • By installing professional filters, I have the cleanest production in Iran with zero contamination
  • You have the highest production capacity in all types of packaging and granulation
  • With exports to 5 continents and more than 21 countries of the world, we have a record of exports from Iran
  • We offer the best products with experienced production personnel and a laboratory
  •  We are the only owner of the dryer in the world
  •  We are the only owner of the dry method of reducing impurities during production in the above meshes
  •  We are the sample exporter of Tehran province
  •  We are among the top 50 chemical brands in the country
  •  We are an official member of the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exporters Union of the country

We have always been and are the first in this industryAnd because of this leadership, we are proud to be able to do a great service for the industry of our country, which is our biggest and best achievement.

Due to the variety of uses of this product in different industries, we have a wide range of customers, which Geographically, they are located in 5 continents of the world, of which we have exported to 21 countries, but there is an important point about our customers. It is that all of them are among the best in their class and they always want to buy quality products, the strength of our company has always been and is in producing quality products.


Gilsonite is in solid shape with dark color and high carbon content. It is a naturally occurring mineral with more than 400 applications. The material is excavated from veins and then pulverized for final use.

Carbon Black is a produced by the incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum products such as FCC tar, coal tar, ethylene cracking tar, or vegetable matter. Carbon black is a form of paracrystalline carbon that has a high surface-area-to-volume ratio.

There are several methods to pack Gilsonite which some of them are:

  • Bulk truckload
  • One Ton jumbo bags
  • One Ton jumbo bags on wooden pallet
  • 25 KG laminated bags (Auto sealed – no stitching involved)
  • 25 KG laminated bags inside jumbo bags on wooden pallet
  • 25 KG laminated bags with shrink on wooden pallet