Gilsonite in paint and ink

Gisonite Application

Gilsonite or uintaite can be used as an additive in the production of paints and inks due to its unique properties. It acts as a binder, stabilizer, and thickener, and can improve the durability, toughness, and gloss of finished products. Additionally, Gilsonite in paint and ink increases the hardness of the coating, provides better adhesion to surfaces, and enhances the weather resistance and water resistance of paints and inks. We’ll discuss Gilsonite’s application in paint and ink products in the following article.

gilsonite and paint industry

Different Applications of Gilsonite in
Paint and Ink

Gilsonite is a naturally occurring resinous hydrocarbon found in different locations around the world. It has several applications in the paint and ink industry, which are:

Black Ink

This natural asphalt is widely used in black ink formulations as a pigment dispersant and to impart greater gloss, printability, and ink penetration. Black ink is also known as organic ink because of the Gilsonite content.

Wood Coatings

In some wood coatings, such as varnishes and stains, Gilsonite can be added for better penetration, durability, and light fastness. The color, gloss, and water resistance are also improved when uintaite is added to the formula.

Asphaltic Paints

Another application of Gilsonite in paint and ink is that it is used as a binder in the production of asphaltic paints for protecting metal surfaces from corrosion and improving adhesion, durability, and water resistance.

Industrial Coatings

It seems that the applications of Gilsonite in paint and ink are countless because this material is used in industrial coatings, such as pipeline coatings, to improve their hardness, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance.

Coatings and Adhesives

Gilsonite is also utilized as a resin or additive in coatings and adhesives to improve their performance and waterproofing properties. It also helps with hardness and weather resistance.

Road Marking Paints

Being used as a binder in road marking paints is one of the applications of Gilsonite in paint and ink. These types of paints are used for marking traffic signs and road lanes. Uintaite can improve the marking paints’ durability and resistance to abrasion and weathering.

Oil-based Paints 

Gilsonite can be added to oil-based paints to improve their flow and leveling properties.

Concrete Sealers

To enhance concrete sealer adhesion to surfaces and enhance the gloss, Gilsonite appears to be a great solution.

Marine Coatings

Marin coatings must be resistant to water, salt, and UV radiation, and adding Gilsonite to their formula can improve these properties.

Paint and Ink Products that Contain Gilsonite 

Gilsonite in paint and ink can work as a binder. Many paint and ink products contain a specific amount of Gilsonite in their content. Some of them may include:
  •  Roof coatings and sealants
  • Asphalt driveway sealant
  • Printing inks for newspapers and magazines
  • Oil-based wood stains and finishes
  • Industrial coatings for pipelines and storage tanks
  • Blacktop sealers and crack fillers
  • Enamels and topcoats for metal surfaces
  • Oil-based artist paints and mediums
It’s important to note that not all products within these categories will contain Gilsonite and the amount of this mineral used can vary widely depending on the specific product and manufacturer.
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paint and ink

The type of Gilsonite used in paints and inks products 

The most common type of Gilsonite used in paints and ink products is the “Hard Grade Gilsonite”. It has a high melting point, and high carbon content, and is modified to improve its compatibility with solvents and resins used in paint and ink formulations.

Hard grade Gilsonite in paint and ink is a natural asphalt or bitumen that has a high melting point and is harder than other grades of Gilsonite. It is typically used in applications where a higher level of hardness and thermal stability is required such as in the production of oil-based drilling muds, ink, and coatings. 

Hard-grade Gilsonite can also be used as a performance-enhancing additive in asphalt and concrete mixtures due to its unique chemical properties.

The Benefits Behind Using Gilsonite in Paint and Ink 

Some of the benefits of using Gilsonite in different paint and ink products are displayed as follows:

Increased Durability

When added to paint and ink products, Gilsonite forms a tough and durable film that increases the lifespan of the product. This makes paint and ink products more resistant to wear and tear caused by weather conditions, abrasion, and chemical exposure.

Improved Adhesion

Gilsonite in paint and ink has excellent adhesive properties that allow it to stick to a variety of surfaces. This mineral has high resistance to heat, weathering, and chemicals, thereby reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement.

Rich Color and Gloss

Natural asphalt is a natural resin that brings out the rich color and gloss in paint and ink products. It enhances the depth and intensity of the color and gives a lustrous shine to the surface.


Uintaite is a cost-effective ingredient that reduces the overall cost of paint and ink products. It is readily available in large quantities, and its addition requires minimal processing and equipment, making it a cost-effective option for many manufacturers.

Environmentally Friendly

Last but not least, Gilsonite is a naturally occurring substance that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is a renewable resource that does not harm the environment during its extraction or use in paint and ink products.