Gilsonite in Foundry


Gilsonite is combined with coal and other ingredients as an additive in foundry sands to insure the quality of the molded part. In sand case, by adding Gilsonite and asphalts at approximately one third the level of sea coal the pitch had the same 900°F (482.2°C) volatiles. At this level, loss on ignition with asphalt, and Gilsonite was less than 50% of that obtained with seacoal and pitch while the Gilsonite and asphalts evolved less total gas when compared to seacoal and pitch Gilsonite had the least visible smoke generated in the laboratory tests. The lower gas evolution should reduce ventilation load on the pouring floor. The physical property relationships developed in new sand mixes were confirmed on system sand using Gilsonite as an additive. Casting finish of a Gilsonite mix was equal to seacoal.