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We’ve reviewed about gilsonite in other articles. In this article, we try to provide information about gilsonite kaufen and Gilsonite kaufen powder. But first we want to explain this question: What is the difference between gilsonite kaufen and bitumen? Stay with us.


Gilsonite kaufen:



    Gilsonite is a mineral product created from crude oil after 1000 years underground, where the light stuff vaporized and the hard and heavy components remained. Wax and ash are present, as well as Sulphur and non-aromatic minerals such as calcium, potassium, silica, and other minerals. Gilsonite has a brilliant and brittle appearance, as well as a strong odor. Gilsonite has a density of more than 1.06, and because of the high wax content (which hasn’t been polished), when mixed with other materials and the temperature drops, it quickly solidifies, making it impossible to work with.

When hard asphalt sealant or oxidised bitumen is heated, there is no wax on the surface to solidify at low temperatures, allowing workers to work on it and allowing it to flow towards the softening point. Since the raw material came from a refinery, the sulphur concentration has been controlled and all dangerous constituents have been isolated before blowing in the oxidisation tower. During production, there is control over the softening point and penetration, and it can be produced according to order.

But, what is the difference between gilsonite and bitumen?

    Natural bitumen is a dark substance composed of a significant number of hydrocarbons that have been mixed into a colloidal system, as well as sulfuric and oxygenated hydrocarbons. The dough hardens to a loose, watery consistency when heated, and dissolves in mineral oils.

Because natural bitumen is sticky and causes stone granules to clump together, it is utilised to create black asphalt surfaces. Because water does not penetrate natural bitumen, it is used to seal buildings. Many of you may only be familiar with natural bitumen from asphalt or roof and floor insulation in some regions, and you may be unaware of how bitumen is made or its various use.

What is gilsonite kaufen made of?

   This sort of substance has a glossy, black appearance and high solubility in organic soluble materials, as well as high purity, high molecular weight, stable characteristics, and high nitrogen. This type is utilized in a variety of industries, including asphalt and road building, and has a softness range of 130 to 250 degrees Celsius. Due to factors such as temperature, time, and processes such as reactivity with Sulphur, oxidation, polymerization, and condensing of this substance into a viscous or solid liquid, it forms spontaneously after the evaporation of light crude oil ingredients. Come on. In liquid form, these types are semi-solid, and in solid form, they are brittle lumps. Natural asphalt powder or bitumen is divided into two categories.


Gilsonite kaufen powder:



   In aliphatic, aromatic, and chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents, gilsonite dissolves. Most ketones are insoluble, but it is soluble in mixed aromatic solvents that contain a ketone component. Water, alcohols, and acetone do not dissolve gilsonite.

Gilsonite influences bitumen refinement and, as a result, enhances the structure of asphalt mixtures. It improves the softening point, increases viscosity, and reduces the degree of penetration of the mixture in particular. This powder also improves the thermal sensitivity of pure bitumen. Gilsonite contains a lot of nitrogen compounds, which makes it very sticky, and it also has Sulphur compounds, which makes the asphalt stronger

More than 160 important uses in diverse industries, including oil well, paint and ink, asphalt, pavement, casting, chemicals, drilling mud, cement, rubber, and…

    In aromatic solvents and most chlorinated solvents, Gilsonite powder dissolves rapidly without heating. It is also soluble in aliphatic and low aromatic solvents without heating, however mixing time is greater. Gilsonite powder is black in color and has a slight bronzing effect. Gilsonite Powder Mesh Sizes can be customized to 30-40, 100, 200, or 325.

Gilsonite has been utilized as a drilling fluid addition for many years in the oilfield. Gilsonite’s unusual qualities make it essential in many oil field drilling fluid products, and the recent surge in oil and gas production has boosted demand. When gilsonite is mixed with oil or water-based drilling fluids, it partially melts or deforms, sealing micro fractures in the rock and smearing the inside of the wellbore to produce a tight, strong filter cake that inhibits fluid loss.

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Finally, as a wrap-up, we’ll re-evaluate and answer a number of common questions:

• Where does Gilsonite kaufen come from?

Gilsonite kaufen found in Tertiary-aged about 57 million years ago.

• What is the color of Gilsonite kaufen?

It is usually found in nature in dark black and sometimes brownish.

• Is Gilsonite kaufen actually a bitumen?

No, this material is different in its raw form.

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